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Vehicle Door Latch Failures And The Injuries They Cause

If you or a loved one has been harmed as the result of a door latch failure, you may have a provable product liability claim entitling you to compensation for your injuries. You must act quickly to preserve the evidence necessary to investigate the design and manufacture of the vehicle following a car accident.

Vehicle Ejection And Its Role In Your Case

If an occupant has been ejected (fully or partially) from the vehicle through a door, the door latch must be investigated. Risk of serious injury increases significantly for occupants who leave the vehicle. The vehicle shown in the photo below was struck on the driver’s side in the area between the trunk and rear door. The door opened during the resulting spin and a young woman was ejected, suffering a serious spinal cord injury. The driver stayed in the vehicle and escaped serious injury.

Door Latch Failure

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Having the vehicle safely preserved is an important part of preparing a door-latch liability case. These cases require an experienced product liability attorney who knows the specifics of auto defects.

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