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Legalized marijuana in Illinois raises questions regarding motor vehicle safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately one-third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents involve an impaired driver. Illinois has new recreational marijuana laws, and it raises a question: how will the new law affect highway safety?

Studies show marijuana use slows reaction time, impairs time-and-distance perspective, and causes coordination problems. That is not a good combination for someone who is driving.

Recent Study Ties Marijuana Legalization to Car Accidents and Injuries

A recent study in the BMJ Open found that car accidents increased 10% in Colorado after legalization of marijuana. Cannabis was legalized for medical use in Colorado in 2000 and for recreational use in 2012. For more please, read:

SCOTUS May Weigh in on Where to Sue for Car Defects

Bruce Pfaff recently contributed to an article in Bloomberg Law in regards to two Ford Motor, Co. cases with the intent of narrowing where the automaker can be sued. Ford contends that they should not be sued in a state where the car had not been sold. Ford is attempting to have SCOTUS take up the case.

Why and how pharmacy errors may occur

There's a pivotal scene in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" where the pharmacist, Mr. Gower -- who is insane with grief after learning that his son has died from influenza and who has gotten drunk as a result -- almost poisons a young customer's medicine with cyanide. Fortunately, an adolescent George Bailey's timely intervention averts this tragedy.

But in the real world, all too many pharmacy errors slip through the cracks and adversely affect patients. For some, these consequences can be permanent, even fatal. Let's examine how this can happen -- and how to avoid it happening to you.

The waters of Lake Michigan can hold danger for some boaters

Lake Michigan is an enormous, inviting body of water. It can be a lot of fun to take the family out boating on the open waters, which is why boating is such a popular pastime for people in Illinois. Even if you've never been out on the ocean, you can experience what the seas are really like when the shoreline of Illinois drops from you and all you can see spreading out in any direction is the choppy, blue waters of the third largest Great Lake.

Boating can be a great escape from the world, as well as a family bonding experience. Whether you enjoy sailboats or motorboats, there are rental options and excursions available, as well as the potential to own your own boat. Unfortunately for some people, their aquatic adventures in Lake in Michigan can result in serious injuries due to boating crashes or accidents.

Who is responsible for injuries sustained in ride-share wrecks?

Nowadays, more and more people across Illinois and around the nation rely on ride-share companies to transport them around. As these services increase in popularity, so, too, do the number of questions users have about who bears liability for ride-share car wrecks. While, in a standard car crash, you can typically rely on your own insurance company to cover any damages, dealing with ride-share wrecks is a bit different and typically more complicated.

Unfortunately, there is no all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all answer to the question of who bears responsibility for ride-share crashes. Instead, it depends on several different factors.

Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd. reaches $3 million settlement for cauda equina syndrome case

J.T., a 30 year‐old Chicagoland woman, presented to the Emergency Department at a local Chicago hospital with severe back pain. She was admitted to that hospital under the care of H.A., M.D., a hospitalist employed by United Elite Hospitalists, LLC.

While an inpatient and under Dr. H.A.'s care, J.T. developed saddle anesthesia and urinary retention. Dr. H.A. ordered a neurosurgical consult and spoke with A.A., M.D. via telephone. The substance of that telephone consult was in dispute.

Does vaping cause lung cancer?

You know how, in some cases, the dangers of a particular product, substance or habit do not become well-known until long after it gains popularity? Many safety advocates believe that the same will hold true when it comes to e-cigarettes, suspecting that these increasingly popular vaping products may not, in fact, be as safe as the manufacturers might want you to believe.

While it is true that there is still much for the public to learn about the safety of e-cigarettes and related vaping products, there is a general scholarly consensus that these products are, in fact, harmful.

Moraine Valley Community College Riley Spreadbury Scholarships Awarded By Bruce and Deborah Pfaff

On Friday, Bruce and Deborah Pfaff awarded six students at Moraine Valley Community College Riley Spreadbury Scholarships. The scholarships are in honor of Bruce's former client, a young woman who has achieved many great things after much adversity. Riley was valedictorian at Moraine Valley in 2016 and appreciates all the school did for her.

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