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Testimonials Received by PGP Firm’s Members

Bruce Pfaff from a plaintiff’s lawyer colleague, M.F.

“I congratulate you on the fine lawyering you have done in this case [Carrillo v. Ford Motor Co.]. The Carrillo family is blessed to have you in their corner, and I am blessed to have you as a colleague and friend.”

Bruce Pfaff from a plaintiff’s lawyer colleague, P.M.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible contribution to our practice of law and the people around you.”

Bruce Pfaff from a plaintiff’s lawyer colleague, M.B.

“I want to let you know that I think that your work in the Kim case is a shining example of how trial lawyers are necessary for this society, as long as regulatory and licensing bodies failed to police themselves. Keep up the good work.”

Bruce Pfaff from a District Court order by Judge S.J.C. re a pro bono case.

“The plaintiff has been represented by Bruce Robert Pfaff who was appointed by the court. Mr. Pfaff has at all times conducted himself with skill and dignity and has at all times shown that perfect fidelity to the interests of his client that is the hallmark of a lawyer/client relationship. Mr. Pfaff at all times exhibited the cooperative spirit that unfortunately too few lawyers exhibit in today’s overly contentious client. Mr. Pfaff’s conduct is proof that lawyers can act with civility and courtesy in their dealings with opposing counsel without sacrificing in the slightest the obligations they owe to their clients.”

Bruce Pfaff from chair of ABA’s Tort, Trial & Insurance Practice Section, M.W.D.

“Over the course of his career, Bruce has worked tirelessly to obtain the best possible results for his clients and those results are a testament to his skill and dedication as a trial lawyer. His efforts on behalf of his clients have made a real difference in their lives. He is a highly respected member of the civil trial bar here in Chicago, and he is recognized by his peers as a consummate professional.”

Matthew Ports from a client’s son, A.M.

“I wanted to drop you a note to relate how pleased my mother is with the results of her case. I was impressed with your patience, understanding and compassion for our situation. You made us feel comfortable, gained our trust, and answered all of our questions in layman’s terms. Although the process was lengthy, you did an excellent job of keeping us informed on the status of the case throughout the proceedings. Finally, we were pleasantly surprised with your ability to reduce several of the [lien] claims, affording my mother a larger award….”

Bruce Pfaff from a client’s mother, A.B.

We were privileged to have Bruce represent our son in his medical malpractice, birth injury lawsuit. Our confidence in Bruce only grew as we got to know him over the course of the case. Bruce is a terrific lawyer who truly cares for his clients, and it shows in his work. Bruce examined every aspect of the case, was diligent in seeking facts, and took his time to keep us informed every step of the way. When there were no updates to give, Bruce would still call to check in on our family.

Bruce Pfaff from a client, M.R.

Bruce Pfaff handled our estate’s concerns with an auto accident that took the life of 3 people. Bruce represented the family in a respectful manner and in a way to hopefully ensure it doesn’t happen to another family. I have been around a lot of attorneys, and he is one of the best. Intelligent and logical approach but with respect to the family’s wishes.

Bruce Pfaff from a client, J.G.

I had the privilege of having Bruce Pfaff and the firm represent my family in a medical malpractice wrongful death law suit for my husband. When I first met Bruce, his demeanor was very calm, professional, assuring and determined to get to the truth. Bruce was diligent in investigating every aspect of the case, uncovering every detail, and letting the facts speak for themselves. He went above and beyond his duties to obtain the best expert witnesses that were needed for the complexity of the case.

Over the years of hard work Bruce and his staff were always compassionate and caring as they met with my children and me. He created a personal relationship with my family and always answered all our questions and concerns.

At the trial, Bruce was remarkable in eloquently stating the issues and getting his point across. He took facts that were very technical and turned them into details that were clear and concise, so that the jury could understand and was successful in winning our case. Bruce without question is an exceptional attorney that I would highly recommend along with all the attorneys at Pfaff, Gill & Ports. My family will always be grateful for his compassion and undeniable dedication to the law and the truth.

Bruce Pfaff from a client, H.E.

There are not enough good things that I could possibly say about Bruce Pfaff and his firm. They are extremely passionate about their clients. The amount of professionalism, compassion, and knowledge still amaze me. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for them. I sincerely believe that I could not give a higher recommendation and feel as though I have made some great friends for life.

Bruce Pfaff from a client, W.S.

My wife and I are lucky enough to have been blessed with 2 amazing children, a daughter and a son. We were a hardworking, middle-class family living the American dream: baseball practice, dance recitals, and an annual vacation in our minivan. And then tragedy struck. At the innocent age of twelve, our precious little girl was the victim of a catastrophic spinal cord injury due to surgery to correct her kyphosis and scoliosis.

We hired a lawyer. Right from the start, because of the preeminence of the surgeons, we knew this would be a difficult case to prove. For starters, our attorney would have to find a surgeon in their highly specialized and very finite field to support our claims and be willing to testify. This task proved to be monumental as our adversaries were members of “The Good Ol Boys Club” – and that is a very tight club that will do whatever it has to do to protect one of their own.

Our first attorney did not work out. We were devastated. Trying to care for a recently paralyzed child, while she was trying to come to terms with such a devastating disability, while also dealing with the fact that our honest, but meager income was no longer enough money to live on. Our family was drowning: emotionally, spiritually, financially, and mentally. Our second attorney did not work out either.

Our third attorney was Bruce Pfaff. Such a difference. He came to our home and sat at our kitchen table. He shared the belief of his predecessors that this was an extremely difficult case, but it was a case he believed in and would see through to the end. That was the first of many visits in our kitchen. Bruce is more than calm and cool. He is extremely confident, very deliberate, and unflappable. He is also a fighter. He refuses to be discouraged and does not suffer fools lightly. He is highly intelligent and has been an intrepid advocate to our family. He was also correct in accessing the difficulty of this case. Years past. We had to file bankruptcy. Our daughter came to terms with her disability and began to strive as a Human Being far beyond our wildest dreams, as did our son. Bruce never stopped fighting for us. His strategies changed many times in a case filled with attempted intimidation and shenanigans on the part of the defense. Finally, with our fourth trial date looming, the defense buckled due to a series of brilliant maneuvers.

No amount of money could ever make things right for our daughter, but Bruce was able to secure her financial future. He forced some justice where there was none. I do not believe there are more than a very few lawyers that would have been able to accomplish what Bruce Pfaff did. He saved a drowning family. We cannot say enough good things about Bruce Pfaff and his practice. He watched our children grow up to become the remarkable young adults they are today and we are more than happy that a small part of their adolescence included those kitchen table visits with Bruce. Bruce Robert Pfaff is a finder of facts, an exposer of the truth, and a defender of victims. He empowers those that have been trampled over.