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Current Personal Injury Cases

The following are some of the personal injury cases of interest that we are currently working on. Also, check out our recent successes.

H.B. v. West Suburban Hospital

During the labor process, there was an “arrest of descent,” indicating that the baby needed to be delivered by Cesarean section surgery. The labor nurse significantly delayed taking the right steps to bring the obstetrician and the anesthesia team to the patient. The baby suffered significant trauma to her head and brain in the process, causing a seizure disorder and brain injuries.

R.J. v. OSF St. Francis Medical Center

Our 62-year-old client had sudden, severe back pain and went to the Emergency Department at this Peoria hospital where a CT scan showed a lesion on his thoracic spine that was causing significant damage. He was admitted and over the next three days, he developed permanent paraplegia because the healthcare providers negligently failed to see that his neurological condition was deteriorating badly.

E. of J.P. v. Michael Treanor, M.D., Illinois Gastroenterologists, Unity Point-Methodist, et al

A 63-year-old man presented to Unity Point-Methodist for a planned outpatient colonoscopy and EGD to be performed by Dr. Michael Treanor. During the EGD, Dr. Treanor took a biopsy of an area he should not have and did not realize it. The patient was sent home having been at Unity-Point Methodist for four hours. Less than two hours later, he collapsed in his living room and was rushed to Graham Hospital. Within hours he was transferred to Unity Point-Proctor where he was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis caused by Dr. Treanor’s biopsy that led our client’s death some weeks later.

M.A. v. AMITA Health Medical Group, Paul Toussaint, M.D., et al.

A girl was born at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center at 37 weeks. Serum bilirubin drawn at age 33.5 hours was HIGH at 11.8. Dr. Toussaint, the treating pediatrician, noted the HIGH bilirubin characterized it as being in the “high-intermediate risk zone” and observed “jaundice” in his physical exam. Neither Dr. Toussaint nor any other healthcare provider at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center ordered phototherapy or any other treatment for the elevated bilirubin and jaundice before sending the baby home. The baby girl suffered complete hearing loss and developmental delays due to the failure to treat her jaundice.