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We Advocate For Victims Of Medication Errors

The right medication can improve your health or even save your life, but medicine can also be incredibly dangerous when prescribed carelessly and not monitored.

At Gill Ports, Ltd., a Chicago medical malpractice law firm, we advocate on behalf of individuals who have been injured or lost their life due to medication errors, holding negligent parties responsible for their actions. Call our office today at 312-638-2407 for the experienced counsel your claim demands.

How Do Medication Errors Happen?

Medical malpractice involving medication errors can originate from negligence at a variety of different stages between the production of a drug and consumption by the patient. Often, liability for these mistakes can involve:

  • Pharmaceutical companies: For defects in manufacturing or marketing a drug to treatment for conditions not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Doctors: For prescribing an inappropriate drug, a drug that will react with other medications a patient is taking or the wrong dosage of a drug, or for continuing to prescribe the drug for too long a time
  • Pharmacies: For dispensing the wrong drug or the wrong dosage of a drug
  • Nurses or other medical professionals: For administering the wrong drug, the wrong dosage of a drug or the correct drug at the wrong time

For many individuals, injuries due to medication errors could have been prevented by compliance with the standards set by the medical industry. Often, errors are attributable to miscommunication, distractions, haste, mistakes in a patient’s chart or insufficient warning labels on medications.

Seeking Justice For Clients Injured By Drug Errors

At Gill Ports, Ltd., we are passionate about going the extra mile to help our clients seek justice and secure the best resolution possible for their personal injury or wrongful death claims. Our attorneys are skilled litigators who prepare every case as if it were going to trial, often working with elite medical experts to craft effective presentations of evidence.

We work closely with clients, guiding them through the entire legal experience with the personal attention they expect from a boutique firm. We tailor all of our advice to the unique needs of each client and create personalized representation strategies that keep their best interests in mind.

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