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Injuries Caused By Seat Belt And Restraint System Failure

Seat belts are arguably the most significant safety devices of the past 50 years. When they are designed and manufactured properly, seat belts save lives. Poorly designed and manufactured seat belts can cause serious personal injuries and death. Many seat belt designs do not account for children and small adults. If the seat belt fits poorly across the abdomen or neck, it can cause paralysis and death.

Examples Of Seat Belt Defects And Failures

Certain seat belt buckles are known to unlatch during reasonably foreseeable collisions. Other designs are known to inadvertently release the seat belt when contacted during a collision. Still others appear to be latched even though they are not fully engaged. Any of these defects can lead to severe injuries to occupants who would otherwise escape the collision with no permanent injuries.

Properly designed and fitted seat belts help to make a car “crashworthy” and safe. When a restraint system is poorly designed or manufactured, it can unlock in a crash and provide no safety benefit to the user. In addition, bad designs can lead to poor belt geometry that can cause traumatic injuries in a crash, including spinal cord injuries, stroke, abdominal and organ injuries, and even death.

There’s No Time To Waste In Auto Defect And Product Liability Claims

If you or a loved has been injured as the result of seat belt or restraint system failure, you may have a provable product liability claim entitling you to compensation for your injuries. You must act quickly to preserve the evidence necessary to investigate the design and manufacture of the vehicle following a car accident.

Having the vehicle safely preserved is an important part of preparing a product liability case. The product defect lawyers at Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd., are experienced in representing clients in this specialized area of practice.

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