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We Protect Workers Injured In Construction Accidents

If a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she may make a claim for money damages with their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

Anytime one suffers a serious injury or dies on a job site, it is important to investigate whether someone other than the employer is at fault. The general contractor and owner of the site often retain a significant amount of control over safety on the site, and should be subject to liability for injuries caused by unsafe conditions and actions on the site.

The trial attorneys at Gill Ports, Ltd., excel at prosecuting actions on behalf of construction workers who have suffered serious personal injuries or death on the job site.

The construction accident trial lawyers at Gill Ports, Ltd., have a great deal of experience suing general contractors and property owners for causing serious personal injuries, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, serious brain and nerve injuries and death. We fully investigate the occurrence and meet with all key witnesses. We also work closely with expert witnesses to prepare each case for jury trial as soon as possible.

Construction Accident Cases Prosecuted By Gill Ports, Ltd.

Work Accident Site

Estate of B.D. v. ABB-CE Services & Commonwealth Edison

Michael Gill represented the family of B.D., a Local 134 electrician who was killed while working at a ComEd coal plant in Joliet, Illinois. Mr. D was routing temporary electrical wire for other trades along a catwalk 30 feet above the ground. Two pipefitters opened a grate in the catwalk to bring up pipe and left the catwalk to return to the ground floor where the pipe was stacked. The pipefitters failed to protect the opening, and Mr. D fell 30 feet to his death.

Michael Gill and Matthew Ports tried the case in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The jury awarded $3.6 million in damages. The pipefitters claimed that they protected the hole and that Mr. D either ducked under or jumped over caution tape to fall through the opening. Michael Gill and Matthew Ports were able to prove that the pipefitters were not being truthful.

J.D. v. J.C., Inc.

Pending matter against multiple parties on behalf of a 33-year-old man who died when a crane collapsed on top of him at a Central Illinois construction site. Investigation of the site has found that the wire rope used on the boom of the crane snapped causing the 140-foot boom to collapse and crush the victim. The victim had just started a family and had an infant son at the time of his wrongful death.

Construction Crane Accident

D.A. v. Werd Construction

Gill Ports, Ltd., was retained by a laborer assisting a stone mason who was injured in Barrington, Illinois, while building a deck behind a large single-family home. Other workers used the partially built deck to support large stones. The deck collapsed and crushed Mr. A’s leg.

The construction accident attorneys at Gill Ports, Ltd., retained a top structural engineer to act as an expert witness and proved that the other trades on the site were negligent and caused Mr. A’s injuries. Michael Gill settled the case for Mr. A shortly before trial.

M.A. v. J.M. Corp.

A settlement of $600,000 for a 46-year-old electrician who was working at a construction site when he tripped over some material left on the floor by employees of one of the other subcontractors. The resulting knee injury made it impossible for him to return to work as an electrician. The case was brought against the bricklayers who poorly placed the materials. The victim’s employer was also convinced to waive their $250,000+ workers’ compensation lien.

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If you, a loved one or a client has sustained serious personal injuries in a construction accident, do not assume that workers’ compensation insurance is your only avenue of recovery. You should consult with a Chicago personal injury attorney to learn more about the rights of construction workers injured on the job.

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