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Construction Accident Case Results

Outcome Facts

R.H. v. Central Telephone Company of Illinois – $16,000,000.00 verdict for a 48-year-old incomplete quadriplegic who suffered his injuries as a result of contacting a bare 7200 volt electrical wire suspended above a roof where he was working. The award was reduced by 40% contributory negligence, resulting in a total judgment of $9,623,000.00 The case was subsequently settled for $10.2 million, which included interest on the judgment and $500,000.00 to the worker’s wife for loss of consortium.


K.B. v. Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. – Settled claims on behalf of 33 year-old incomplete quadriplegic for $6,175,000.00. Our client was injured when a plank on a scaffold snapped, causing him to fall 20 feet to a cement balcony. Weyerhaeuser Canada negligently graded the board, and Edward Hines Lumber Company negligently sold it to the plaintiff’s employer for use as a scaffold plank.


Estate of B.D. v. ABB C-E Services, Inc., Commonwealth Edison Co., et al. – $3,600,000.00 verdict in a construction accident case for widow of 35 year-old electrician who fell to his death through a 3 foot by 8 foot hole in a catwalk 30 feet up in the air. The section of catwalk was removed by other workers and the opening was not barricaded or roped off.


N.K. v. LOC Construction Co. – Settled claims for personal injuries in a construction accident case on behalf of a 37 year-old man who was crushed under a concrete catch basin in a job site excavation for $2,630,000.00. The settlement was paid by two general contractors, one subcontractor, the landowner, an engineering firm, and the City of Crystal Lake. The settlement was a record recovery in McHenry County. The previous high settlement in the county was $850,000.00, and the previous high verdict was less than $500,000.00.


Estate of J.D. v. General Contractor and Crane Inspection Company – $1,222,000.00 wrongful death settlement with general contractor and crane inspection company for 33-year-old man working on a construction site on a lift doing steel erection when the boom hoist wire rope of the crane working nearby snapped and the boom collapsed and fell on him killing him instantly. At the time of his death, plaintiff was survived by his 1-year-old daughter and posthumously born son.


T.F. v. Rockwell International – $750,000.00 settlement to a carpenter who received a 110 volt electrical shock and suffered hand injuries while using a router at work. The router had a short in the motor, and it injured the worker because it was not properly grounded.


M.A. v. Jimmy’z – $600,000.00 settlement for a 45-year-old electrician who fell on a construction site when he tripped on some wire mesh that had been poorly placed by an employee of a different trade.


D.A. v. Werd Constr. Co. and R.S.S. Constr., Inc – $550,000.00 plus waiver of $100,906.01 workers compensation lien settlement for plaintiff who suffered comminuted, displaced and angulated fractures involving the distal tibia and fibula, as well as an ankle fracture, which required surgical repair and hardware placement due to a deck collapse in a construction accident.


W.T. v. Courthouse Development – $400,000.00 settlement in a construction accident case for a 53-year-old man who was injured while at work when he fell of a 6-7 foot scaffold. Though the defendant denied it, the scaffold was assembled by the defendant in violation of OSHA standards.


P.M. v. Patel Builders, Inc. and Divydeep Patel – $185,871.13 jury verdict in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois construction accident case to a 29-year-old man who was working as a bricklayer’s assistant and suffered a trimalleolar (ankle) fracture when a box fell onto his ankle while emptying a storage crate. The case settled post-trial for $202,500.00.