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How well did Chicago-area hospitals rank in 2021?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Chicago has a reputation as being a metropolitan area with excellent medical services available. In years past, Chicago area hospitals have ranked among some of the top in the nation.

The nonprofit organization the Leapfrog Group reviews information about hospital safety to determine which hospitals are best in the country. They rank several different categories of hospitals, including rural hospitals, teaching hospitals, children’s hospitals and general hospital facilities. How did Chicago area hospitals perform in 2021?

Two hospitals excel for safety

Two Chicago-area hospitals achieved Top Hospital status for the general hospital category. Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital were among the top in the nation, safety-wise, in 2021.

The Leapfrog report says, “Top Hospitals have better systems in place to prevent medication errors, higher quality on maternity care and lower infection rates, among other laudable qualities.”

Neither Chicago nor Illinois had any hospitals in the Top Children’s Hospital category. However, Chicago does boast two of the best and safest teaching hospitals in the country, according to 2021 data. Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center Chicago and the University of Chicago Medical Center both achieved Top Hospital status in 2021.

What about independent safety ratings?

The Leapfrog Group rated 72 hospitals in Chicago on a letter-grade basis. Eighteen achieved an A grade, and many of them were educational facilities, like the University of Chicago Medical Center and The Rush University Medical Center.

Roughly 30 hospitals received a C grade, while seven received a D and Saint Bernard Hospital received an F. This is a significant change from 2020 when only two hospitals in the Chicago area received a D ranking.

Hospital rankings change

A high score by an independent organization does not necessarily guarantee a high quality of treatment when you arrive. However, keeping an eye on the Chicago-area hospital rankings and deciding where to seek treatment accordingly could reduce your risk of experiencing poor care.

Even if you try to choose the right facility, someone there could make a major mistake that affects your care. Knowing when mistakes justify medical malpractice claims can help you seek justice and financial compensation if you receive substandard medical care.