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Addressing rental scooter deaths and injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Electric scooters are rising in popularity around the world as a convenient and fun means of transportation.

However, the increase in their use has also seen an increase in serious and fatal injury accidents of riders.

Rising numbers

For pedestrians and public transit commuters alike, the e-scooter provides a means for quicker, more convenient travel. Many people also enjoy the recreational element of the scooters. With the increased amount of availability and easy access of renting the scooters, the number of riders continues to rise, and the number of accidents continues to climb as well. As of early June, Consumer Reports found eight deaths related to e-scooters since the fall of 2017. 

The problem

While some e-scooter accidents only involve the rider, several of the incidents are two-party accidents, usually between an e-scooter rider and a motorist. Considering this fact, many parties call into question driver awareness and traffic regulations. There are also those who call into question the safety measures that e-scooter users take. While some cities have rules in place that require riders to wear helmets, many do not abide by the rule.

Possible solutions

Lawmakers across the country are deliberating over the best solutions. A few legislators believe banning the scooters to be the best solution. However, several others seek to decrease the dangerous aspects of the scooters, while still allowing citizens to enjoy them and the e-scooter companies to thrive. A solution that everyone seems to be able to agree upon is creating cyclist and scooter friendlier streets, or revising current traffic laws to encourage sharing the road.

While it is a work in progress, many people are working diligently to increase the safety of e-scooter riders. For those who choose to exercise the option to ride the scooters, abiding by traffic laws and staying aware of their surroundings is key to protecting themselves from careless motorists.