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Failure to notify physicians of dialysis solution adjustment leads to wrongful death

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death |

In a recently reported wrongful death case, one of America’s largest kidney dialysis clinics, DaVita, Inc., was found liable for compensatory and punitive damages arising out of the wrongful deaths of patients who suffered fatal cardiac arrests or ischemic strokes after undergoing dialysis with GranuFlo. DaVita used that dialysis solution which has an increased concentration of acetate that converts to bicarbonate in the body. Even though GranuFlo’s manufacturer advised DaVita to notify physicians to adjust patient’s bicarbonate prescriptions downward when they were undergoing dialysis with GranuFlo, DaVita did not provide the notification, and many physicians did not make necessary adjustments.

This case is yet another example of how poor communication inflicts needless injury and death upon patients.

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Source: The Denver Post, “$385.5 million verdict against DaVita hinged on testimony over risks of cost-saving product,” Greg Griffin and Christopher N. Osher, June 30, 2018