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Hospital negligence may result in malpractice cases in Illinois

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Hospital Negligence |

There are many instances in which individuals may feel the need to pursue compensation due to suffering damages. Medical malpractice is a common reason that many parties across the country, including in Illinois, feel devastating loss whether from suffering injury themselves or losing loved ones. If hospital negligence is suspected in the death of a loved one, the surviving family may wish to consider their legal options.

It was recently reported that a family in another state has filed a lawsuit after the death of a relative. The 44-year-old man apparently collapsed while exercising, and though he was taken to the hospital, he was not admitted. The staff discharged him, and the family believes that proper steps were not taken to examine and treat a severe aortic stenosis from which the man suffered.

Because the issue was not addressed, the man died a few months later. Due to the family’s belief that proper treatment was not administered, they are taking the legal action they feel is necessary. They hope to be compensated for the damages resulting from the negligence and court costs. 

Learning that a loved one was suffering from a medical issue that went untreated due to hospital negligence can be devastating, especially if a death results. Illinois residents who have lost loved ones in a similar manner may have cause of their own to seek justice against those considered responsible. By finding out more information on medical malpractice claims, interested and concerned individuals may be able to determine whether taking such steps could be right for their situations.

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