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September 2016 Archives

Hospital errors in dispensing medications can be deadly

Advancements in the pharmaceutical industry have saved the lives of countless individuals across the country, including many here in Illinois. When these medications are part of a treatment plan, many people make a full recovery from an acute illness or are able to adequately manage a chronic one. However, when hospital errors occur in prescribing or dispensing medications, the results can be deadly.

Surgical mistakes that have made patients wary of 'going under'

Nearly every Illinois resident has heard of the nightmare scenarios that can occur during operations. These are surgical mistakes so egregious that they can make anyone wary of undergoing a surgical procedure. Four such errors were recently highlighted as still being some of the most shocking in medical history.

Post-surgical errors led to amputation of woman's arms and legs

After undergoing an operation, Illinois patients require post-operative care and monitoring in order to ensure that they do not suffer from infection, excessive bleeding or some other health consequence after the procedure. Patients who do not receive the appropriate care could suffer from life-changing injuries or even death. When these post-surgical errors are discovered, a medical malpractice claim might be appropriate.

Was outbreak due to hospital negligence or defective equipment?

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) is just one of the antibiotic resistant superbugs that can be deadly to patients and is often contracted in hospitals across the country, including here in Illinois. A hospital on the west coast could be facing several lawsuits regarding CRE and the use of an endoscope manufactured by Olympus Corporation of the Americas. Any litigation that is filed will more than likely focus on whether it was hospital negligence, a defectively manufactured instrument or a combination thereof that led to the recent outbreak of CRE.

Court refuses to keep hospital negligence settlement sealed

The last months of a pregnancy can be the most stressful for an expectant mother whether she lives here in Illinois or elsewhere. As a woman approaches the birth, several things could go wrong. During this time, it is crucial that medical personnel monitor mother and baby closely. Otherwise, hospital negligence could cost the mother, the child or both their lives.

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