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July 2016 Archives

When delivery mistakes ruin what should be a joyful experience

For too many Illinois couples, the joy of childbirth suddenly becomes a nightmare. Delivery mistakes can put the lives of the mother, the child or both in jeopardy. When the birth of a child goes wrong, parents are often left with questions, injuries and an uncertain future.

Jury finds that nursing errors permanently disabled woman

Every industry has its own set of policies and procedures that are designed to maintain safety. They dictate how and when certain actions are to be taken and what safety measures need to be in place prior to any movement being made. In the medical field, these protocols are in place in order to keep patients safe. When nursing errors occur here in Illinois and elsewhere, it is often because of a failure to follow proper procedures.

One hospital attempts to reduce surgical errors

Far too many patients around the country, including many here in Illinois, have been victims of mistakes made while under the care of medical professionals in the operating room. Surgical errors are a pervasive problem at hospitals throughout the country. One hospital on the West Coast is taking steps to make surgical procedures as safe as possible for patients.

EHR can lead to serious hospital errors

EHR stands for electronic health record. The system is used in at least 93 percent of the medical facilities in the country -- including many here in Illinois -- under the pretext that it will reduce the number of hospital errors that occur due to lack of communication and availability of medical records. However, a recent study has revealed that the system might actually be contributing to the number of errors that are made by medical personnel.

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