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February 2016 Archives

Parents to file lawsuit for surgical negligence

Most Illinois parents would agree that having a baby is one of the most memorable and joyful experiences they will have in their lives. For many parents, however, that day can be marred by tragedy if something goes wrong with the birth or in the hours following it, if a doctor, nurse or other medical personnel make a mistake that harms their child. For instance, an out-of-state couple intends to file a lawsuit for surgical negligence after their child underwent a procedure that was intended to be performed on another child.

Children suffer from surgical mistakes just as adults do

When Illinois parents are told that their children need surgery, they can feel helpless, anxious and scared. They trust that the surgeons have the best interests of their children in mind and will give them 110 percent. When a surgeon and/or his team fall short of that goal, surgical mistakes can cause serious, permanent or even fatal injuries.

Army hospital to pay $9M for birth injuries suffered by child

When an Illinois woman goes into labor, she is trusting that the doctors attending to her know what they are doing and can handle any eventuality that might occur. If something happens that a doctor might not be able to handle alone, the family expects the doctor to bring in another physician in order to ensure that the mother and child are not harmed. If a doctor waits too long to ask for help, or fails to ask for help at all, birth injuries can occur to the mother and/or child.

Hospitals have procedures to avoid wrong-site surgical mistakes

Even though many Illinois residents have heard horror stories about surgeries in which the wrong body part was operated on, few people think it will happen to them. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of surgical mistakes that occur each year across the country involves this type of error. This happens despite the fact that hospitals have procedures to avoid "wrong-site" surgical errors.

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