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August 2015 Archives

Hospital negligence might have infected thousands of children

Unfortunately, many Illinois parents have spent endless hours at a child's bedside in a children's hospital. They are desperate to know that their children will be okay and will be able to return to a normal life. Hospital negligence can dash those hopes and leave parents angry, confused and fearful for their children's lives.

Failure to properly train staff could be hospital negligence

In nearly every industry, employees are provided with policies and procedures regarding a variety of situations, including sexual harassment and assault. The general belief among Illinois readers may be that these guidelines apply to contact between employees. However, hospitals are also required to have policies and procedures regarding what to do if a patient complains of being sexually harassed or assaulted. Failure to properly train staff regarding these situations could constitute hospital negligence.

Nursing errors seemed to rise when medical centers changed hands

Illinois readers may not be aware that in Dec. 2012, a company called Synergy Health Centers began purchasing health care facilities in an east coast state. Since that time, the facilities the company purchased have reportedly continued to experience nursing errors, negligence and other issues. Most recently, two instances of medication errors and the fall of a 96-year-old resident were investigated at one of the facilities.

Misdiagnoses claimed: Man seeks more than $150,000 in damages

Sometimes, doctors or hospitals make mistakes, whether in Illinois or another jurisdiction. One man recently filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court against a doctor and St. Luke Medical Center. He also named his family doctor as an additional defendant with regard to alleged misdiagnoses of his medical issue.

Illinois patient's death is due to hospital negligence

A patient's death has led an estate administrator to sue an Illinois hospital and the staff members for medical malpractice. The claim is for hospital negligence based upon allegations that the staff at South Shore Hospital erroneously gave the patient a type A blood transfusion, causing her considerable pain and suffering. The patient actually needed type B blood for the transfusion.

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