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Botched surgeries could lead to hospital negligence in Illinois

On Behalf of | May 15, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

Medical errors are the cause for many patient injuries. One of the biggest problems with these mistakes in Illinois is doctors, and their coworkers, not taking responsibility for their own actions. A hospital and a cardiologist are faced with a lawsuit filed by two patients for hospital negligence.

Reportedly, the patient claimed that the doctor conducted surgeries that were unneeded and unwarranted. In addition, the doctor was using devices that were defective, and he was not qualified to perform these surgeries. One patient claimed that, eight years ago, the doctor conducted a surgical procedure for a pacemaker. Eventually, the patient required a heart transplant due to an alleged botched surgery at the hands of the doctor.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital and the doctor performed a series of negligent behaviors, especially when implanting cardiac defibrillators. Furthermore, the hospital and the doctor reportedly engaged in Medicare fraud for the surgeries. The hospital issued a response stating that the allegations have no merit. Back in 2012, the Federal Court and the Department of Justice dismissed the suits for unknown reasons.

Understandably, patients seek to recoup damages when they are injured at the hands of a medical professional or a hospital. Even though the suits were dismissed, the patients still have legal recourse to file with the appeals court. Depending on the evidence presented, the court may find in favor of the plaintiffs and overturn the original ruling. Illinois patients who have suffered injuries due to hospital negligence may have the right to pursue medical malpractice claims against the physician and/or hospital as appropriate remedies to recoup damages.

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