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Illinois abortion clinic sued over hospital negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

A woman who went in for an abortion died as a result. Since the woman’s death, a lawsuit was filed against Illinois Planned Parenthood for hospital negligence. A settlement was reached in this case, and the company agreed to pay the family $2 million.

Back in 2012, the woman was in her second trimester of pregnancy. She opted to have an abortion performed at the Planned Parenthood, but the procedure resulted in multiple complications during a reportedly botched abortion. The medical examiner’s office stated that cervical dilation and evacuation caused hemorrhaging that ultimately resulted in death. After obtaining the woman’s autopsy, it indicated that she could have survived her injuries if she had been administered appropriate emergency care.

The autopsy further indicated that Planned Parenthood left behind fetal and placenta remains inside the woman’s body. Planned Parenthood reportedly failed to notify the hospital that the woman suffered from uterine perforation and an incomplete abortion. The hospital attempted to save her life by doing an emergency hysterectomy, but it was too late.

Planned Parenthood was also accused of waiting several hours before even taking the woman to the hospital and never bothering to call 911. This tragic encounter undoubtedly left a family grieving over the sudden loss of a young mother. The family was issued some financial relief, however, which is scheduled to start paying out in 2029 to the woman’s son. Illinois families who have lost loved ones due to hospital negligence may have the right to file wrongful death claims against the medical facility. Compensation may be awarded with well-documented evidence to prove negligence.

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