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Delivery mistakes could lead to serious Illinois birth injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Birth Injuries |

The birth of a child can be an exciting event for many Illinois couples who have longed to become parents. They typically put their trust in doctors and other medical professionals to help reduce the risk of complications occurring during pregnancy and delivery. If delivery mistakes occur, an infant and the mother could suffer serious harm that can result in lasting problems for the injured parties.

A family recently won a lawsuit that was filed against the hospital at which their child was born. According to reports, the parents claimed that the hospital and the doctor involved in the delivery of the baby were negligent by failing to heed signs that the baby was not receiving the proper amount of oxygen during delivery. As a result, the child — who is now 4 years old — has cerebral palsy and is behind developmentally.

The jury decided the case in favor of the family and found the hospital and doctor involved to be financially liable for the child’s disabilities. The family was awarded $55 million, but they had reportedly come to a prior agreement with the parties involved and will likely receive less than the amount of the jury verdict. The details of the agreement were not disclosed in the report.

It is very unfortunate that a child had to suffer due to the apparent delivery mistakes of the doctor and hospital. As this case demonstrates, however, legal action may be able to help victims of such errors receive compensation that could be beneficial in paying for future health care and other expenses resulting from birth injuries. Illinois parents or other concerned individuals may benefit by becoming informed about applicable medical malpractice laws if they believe they or someone they know was a victim of hospital negligence.

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