• We had the good fortune to be introduced to Bruce Pfaff through a trusted family friend for a medical malpractice suit involving the ‘off label’ use of a medication during a surgery that left my husband critically ill and permanently disabled. Bruce was generous enough to initially meet with me at my home while my husband was still hospitalized. Bruce’s quiet, self-assurance and confidence in the validity of our case were immediate and comforting. In spite of my faith in choosing Bruce to handle our legal proceedings, I was encouraged to pursue 2nd and 3rd opinions. In each instance, no other lawyer could be bothered to meet with me directly and, instead, sent young ‘associates’ to hear our story. My decision to choose Bruce was confirmed. During the course of the lawsuit, Bruce continued to meet with us at our home, as my husband was physically disabled and travel was difficult. Bruce’s years of experience and professional relationships in the medical field proved beneficial. In spite of being up against a highly regarded, accomplished doctor, Bruce was able to defy the odds and find supportive, expert testimony on our behalf. The ensuing correspondence with Bruce and his staff was consistently respectful and professional. Our case was ultimately settled out of court within 2 years. Although, it is difficult to put a dollar amount on the pain and suffering of a loved one and what the future may hold, we trusted Bruce’s counsel on a fair settlement. We feel fortunate to have had a trustworthy, compassionate, exceptional legal advisor to advocate on our behalf during our darkest hours. We will forever be grateful to Bruce Pfaff for his incredible professionalism and personal integrity.
  • They are about their clients and work very hard towards a positive outcome.
  • I had the privilege of having Bruce Pfaff and Pfaff and Gill represent my family in a medical malpractice wrongful death law suit for my husband. When I first met Bruce, his demeanor was very calm, professional, assuring and determined to get to the truth. Bruce was diligent in investigating every aspect of the case, uncovering every detail, and letting the facts speak for themselves. He went above and beyond his duties to obtain the best expert witnesses that were needed for the complexity of the case. Over the months of hard work Bruce and his staff were always compassionate and caring as they met with my children and me. He created a personal relationship with my family and always answered all of our questions and concerns. Bruce sat down with my children and explained every detail of the case which made them feel comfortable when they had to do their depositions and testify during trial. At the trial, Bruce was remarkable in eloquently stating the issues and getting his point across. He took facts that were very technical and turned them into details that were clear and concise, so that the jury could understand and was successful in winning our case. Bruce without question is an exceptional attorney that I would highly recommend along with all the attorneys at Pfaff, Gill & Ports. My family will always be grateful for his compassion and undeniable dedication to the law and the truth.
  • There is not enough gratitude that I am able to express of what Pfaff, Gill, & Ports, Ltd have done for me. They have persevered through my challenging case. The firm and staff are very professional and courteous and I have always been treated as though I was there only client. I have gained a second family and would like to say thank you Bruce for all you have done for me. Thank you.
  • In dealing with a complicated wrongful death lawsuit, along with great emotional stress, Bruce Pfaff gently led our family through the maze of legalities with care and concern. He is the utmost ‘professional’ and used everything at his disposal to bring our case to a successful conclusion. I would not hesitate one iota in giving him the highest of recommendations.