Decades Of Experience In Personal Injury Law

After someone's negligent or reckless actions have turned your world upside down, you may feel powerless and unable to hold that person or company accountable. What happened to you should have been prevented, however, and the law provides ways for you to seek compensation and damages from the responsible party to make it right.

At Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd., we serve injured people and their families, drawing upon decades of experience to make sure our clients receive the verdicts and settlements they deserve. We are a Chicago, Illinois, personal injury law firm dedicated to prosecuting lawsuits against those who have caused significant harm.


  • We had the good fortune to be introduced to Bruce Pfaff through a trusted family friend for a medical malpractice suit involving the ‘off label’ use of a medication during a surgery that left my husband critically ill and permanently disabled.

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  • They are about their clients and work very hard towards a positive outcome.

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  • There is not enough gratitude that I am able to express of what Pfaff, Gill, & Ports, Ltd have done for me.

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  • I had the privilege of having Bruce Pfaff and Pfaff and Gill represent my family in a medical malpractice wrongful death law suit for my husband.

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  • In dealing with a complicated wrongful death lawsuit, along with great emotional stress, Bruce Pfaff gently led our family through the maze of legalities with care and concern.

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