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Sexual Assault Case Results

Outcome Facts

Does v. Minor Perpetrator and his Mother – $2,550,000.00 settlement for four children molested by a neighbor’s child. Multiple events over a six month period, the victims were 5 and 6 years old and the perpetrator was 11. Claims were against the neighbor’s child and his mother for negligent supervision because the mother was aware of previous accusations against her child and had been warned by her child’s therapist that the 11-year-old was not to be left alone with younger children because of his propensity to commit such acts. During pendency of case, we were able to prove that the child perpetrator and his mother were covered by the renters policy the mother had on the apartment.


C.R. v. Jacqueline’s Transportation – $500,000.00 settlement for a disabled minor who was sexually assaulted by a school bus driver. The suit was premised on the bus company’s failure to provide supervision of the driver, and on the bus attendant’s abandonment of her job on the day of the occurrence.


C.J. v. Alpha School Bus Co., et al. – $250,000.00 for 12-year- old autistic girl sexually assaulted on school bus by another disabled student.