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Personal Injury Case Results

Outcome Facts

Union Oil Fire Litigation – Acted as lead counsel on behalf of plaintiffs who were injured or died in the Romeoville explosion and fire. All cases settled for an aggregate of $29,000,000.00 The six clients represented by Pfaff & Gill, Ltd. Trial Lawyers settled their claims for a total of $12,700,000.00 and worker’s compensation lien waivers valued at approximately $1,000,000.00.


D.S. v. MiTek Industries, Inc. v. C.I.T. Industries, Inc.
$13,544,172.00 jury verdict in the Circuit Court of Tazewell County, Illinois for a product liability case involving a 19-year-old young man who suffered an above-knee amputation of his left leg due to a defectively designed and manufactured Roof Glider machine. Read more


R.B. v. Garage Door Manufacturer. – $9,000,000.00 settlement to the family of a four-year-old boy who suffered brain injuries after being trapped under a garage door. The “contact safety reverse system that was supplied with the garage door operator failed to reverse the door, and the boy was asphyxiated for 5 or more minutes before his mother found him.


J.T. v. Waste Management of Illinois, Inc. – $6,449,328.17 Cook County jury verdict in a motor vehicle case for 57-year-old orthopedic surgeon who was a passenger in a cab that was struck by a Waste Management street sweeper traveling the wrong way on a one-way street in Chicago. Plaintiff suffered an injury to his right shoulder that required surgery and physical therapy. He returned to work full-time two months after surgery, but was no longer able to perform the more physically demanding orthopedic surgeries.


K.B. v. Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. – Settled claims on behalf of 33 year-old incomplete quadriplegic for $6,175,000.00. Our client was injured when a plank on a scaffold snapped, causing him to fall 20 feet to a cement balcony. Weyerhaeuser Canada negligently graded the board, and Edward Hines Lumber Company negligently sold it to the plaintiff’s employer for use as a scaffold plank.


R.S. v. United Engineering Co. – $4,650,000.00 settlement to the family of a 38-year-old husband and father of two who suffered third degree burns and later died as the result of an explosion at a steel making furnace in Peoria, Illinois. The defendant designed and manufactured water cooled panels used in the roof of the furnace which leaked, causing the explosion.


Unnamed Plaintiff v. Unnamed Automaker and Dealer – $3,650,000.00 settlement in an auto product defect case. Our 57-year-old client fell asleep at the wheel of his convertible coupe, lost control and rolled over while driving on I-94 in SW Michigan. During the course of the rollover, the A-pillar on the driver’s side deformed downward, exposing the plaintiff’s spine to severe flexion. This caused incomplete quadriplegia. We sued the automaker and dealer for failing to incorporate pop-up or fixed roll-bar technology on the convertible that would have made the injury less likely.


N.K. v. LOC Construction Co. – Settled claims for personal injuries in a construction accident case on behalf of a 37 year-old man who was crushed under a concrete catch basin in a job site excavation for $2,630,000.00. The settlement was paid by two general contractors, one subcontractor, the landowner, an engineering firm, and the City of Crystal Lake. The settlement was a record recovery in McHenry County. The previous high settlement in the county was $850,000.00, and the previous high verdict was less than $500,000.00.


J.S. v. Kayak Pool Corporation, Kayak Pools Midwest, Latham International, Inc., and homeowners – $2,000,000.00 settlement with for 12-year-old girl who dove into an above ground pool and fractured her cervical spine.


S.B. v. YCM. – $1,520,000.00 plus waiver of $260,000.00 worker’s compensation lien for a 22-year-old who lost his non-dominant arm below the elbow in a work mishap. In an attempt to determine the cause of imperfect drilling by the machine, he slipped into the spinning drill. The defendant’s machine did not have an automatic shut-off when the doors were open and did not have adequate safety guards to protect workers from the spinning drill.


B.B. v. City of Chicago – $1,500,000.00 settlement for a 23-year-old who was riding his bicycle on a City street when he came upon a large hole around a catch basin in the roadway near the curb. The hole had been present for more than two months and the City had actual notice of the defect. Streets and Sanitation were scheduled to repair the hole the next day. On the evening of the occurrence, there was one unlighted sawhorse in the hole. City employees admitted that such a configuration was out of conformity with the City’s practices but denied that it was in that condition when they last saw it. Plaintiff suffered a severe closed head injury and now resides with his parents who provide the majority of his care.


G.P. v. Carmichael Trucking, et al. – $1,165,000.00 dollar car accident settlement for a 72 year-old driver of the 3rd car in a 4 car collision who suffered a vertebral fracture requiring 3 surgeries, 5 months in a halo brace with rehabilitation, resulting in bilateral peripheral double vision, loss of range of motion in his shoulders and numbness in hands.


Anonymous v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation – Personal Injury (Pfaff & Gill, Ltd. Trial Lawyers) $1,000,000.00 settlement for – $1,000,000.00 settlement for 35-year-old whose sperm samples were destroyed when the cryopreservation tank owned, operated, managed, and controlled by Northwestern failed.


T.H. & L.J. v. Colonial Coach Lines – $750,000.00 settlement for the passenger and driver of a Pace bus that was rear-ended by another bus. The driver suffered an injury to his lumbar spine and underwent L4-L5 laminectomy. The passenger suffered a C5-C6 herniation and underwent a fusion as those levels. The driver’s case settled after trial assignment and the passenger’s case settled three days prior to trial.


T.F. v. Rockwell International – $750,000.00 settlement to a carpenter who received a 110 volt electrical shock and suffered hand injuries while using a router at work. The router had a short in the motor, and it injured the worker because it was not properly grounded.


M.A. v. Jimmy’z – $600,000.00 settlement for a 45-year-old electrician who fell on a construction site when he tripped on some wire mesh that had been poorly placed by an employee of a different trade.


D.A. v. Werd Constr. Co. and R.S.S. Constr., Inc – $550,000.00 plus waiver of $100,906.01 workers compensation lien settlement for plaintiff who suffered comminuted, displaced and angulated fractures involving the distal tibia and fibula, as well as an ankle fracture, which required surgical repair and hardware placement due to a deck collapse in a construction accident.


$500,000.00 settlement for a disabled minor who was sexually assaulted by a school bus driver. The suit was premised on the bus company’s failure to provide supervision of the driver, and on the bus attendant’s abandonment of her job on the day of the occurrence.


C.N. v. Levy Security – $400,000.00 jury verdict for a registered nurse who was attacked and beaten by a psychiatric patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The suit was successfully prosecuted against the security service whose workers did not timely respond to the emergency call for help.


W.T. v. Courthouse Development – $400,000.00 settlement in a construction accident case for a 53-year-old man who was injured while at work when he fell of a 6-7 foot scaffold. Though the defendant denied it, the scaffold was assembled by the defendant in violation of OSHA standards.


C.J. v. Alpha School Bus Co., et al. – $250,000.00 for 12-year- old autistic girl sexually assaulted on school bus by another disabled student.


P.M. v. Patel Builders, Inc. and Divydeep Patel – $185,871.13 jury verdict in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois construction accident case to a 29-year-old man who was working as a bricklayer’s assistant and suffered a trimalleolar (ankle) fracture when a box fell onto his ankle while emptying a storage crate. The case settled post-trial for $202,500.00.


A.P. v. Farjon and SJB Saturn, LLC d/b/a Saturn of Glenview – $147,997.44 jury verdict in Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois to a 29-year-old man who suffered multiple injuries in a motor vehicle collision on the Edens Expressway near the Wilson Avenue exit.


R.M. v. Greyhound Lines, Inc. – $75,000.00 settlement for a 49-year-old gentlemen who was unlawfully detained, robbed, battered, and mentally abused by security guards at the Greyhound Bus Station in Chicago. The occurrence was captured by surveillance cameras and the case settled shortly after filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Confidential settlement for 15-year-old young man who suffered fractures to C5-C6 and was rendered paraplegic due to a defectively designed and maintained snowboard jump at Cascade Mountain in Portage, Wisconsin.