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Motor Vehicle Accidents Case Results

Outcome Facts

C.M. v. Ford Motor Co.
$27,000,000.00 jury verdict in an auto defect case for the estate of a 46-year-old man who died because the driver’s seat of his vehicle failed in a rear impact motor vehicle accident, causing him to suffer fatal head injuries. The jury’s award included $25,000,000 for loss of society suffered by his wife and two children, an Illinois record.


L.C. v. Ford Motor Co. – $14,500,000.00 verdict in an auto defect case for a woman who became paraplegic when her 1991 Ford Explorer was rear ended. Her driver’s seat broke, and she was catapulted into the rear of the vehicle. The verdict was rendered against Ford Motor Company and the uninsured driver of the other vehicle. The verdict was affirmed on appeal, and the judgment plus interest was paid in full.


Estate of J.L.G., deceased v. Dennis Oltesvig and A Wisconsin Trucking Company – $9,362,850.56 verdict for man who was contacted by another truck while standing on the under-ride bar of his trailer, tarping a load. The contact caused massive hemorrhages in both thighs from transection of the major vessels in the legs. Decedent had 85 minutes of conscious pain and suffering, and he died the next day.


J.T. v. Waste Management of Illinois, Inc. – $6,449,328.17 Cook County jury verdict in a motor vehicle case for 57-year-old orthopedic surgeon who was a passenger in a cab that was struck by a Waste Management street sweeper traveling the wrong way on a one-way street in Chicago. Plaintiff suffered an injury to his right shoulder that required surgery and physical therapy. He returned to work full-time two months after surgery, but was no longer able to perform the more physically demanding orthopedic surgeries.


Unnamed Plaintiff v. Unnamed Automaker and Dealer – Automotive Defects/Product Liability/Motor Vehicle – $3,650,000.00 settlement in an auto product defect case. Our 57-year-old client fell asleep at the wheel of his convertible coupe, lost control and rolled over while driving on I-94 in SW Michigan. During the course of the rollover, the A-pillar on the driver’s side deformed downward, exposing the plaintiff’s spine to severe flexion. This caused incomplete quadriplegia. We sued the automaker and dealer for failing to incorporate pop-up or fixed roll-bar technology on the convertible that would have made the injury less likely.


G.P. v. Carmichael Trucking, et al. – $1,165,000.00 dollar car accident settlement for a 72 year-old driver of the 3rd car in a 4 car collision who suffered a vertebral fracture requiring 3 surgeries, 5 months in a halo brace with rehabilitation, resulting in bilateral peripheral double vision, loss of range of motion in his shoulders and numbness in hands.


D.D. v. Schneider National Carriers. Inc. – Truck accident settlement of $1,012,000.00 for the surviving children of a 74 year-old woman run over and killed by a large tractor trailer exiting a Sears loading ramp in Park Forest, Illinois.


T.H. & L.J. v. Colonial Coach Lines – $750,000.00 settlement for the passenger and driver of a Pace bus that was rear-ended by another bus. The driver suffered an injury to his lumbar spine and underwent L4-L5 laminectomy. The passenger suffered a C5-C6 herniation and underwent a fusion as those levels. The driver’s case settled after trial assignment and the passenger’s case settled three days prior to trial.


A.P. v. Farjon and SJB Saturn, LLC d/b/a Saturn of Glenview – $147,997.44 jury verdict in Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois to a 29-year-old man who suffered multiple injuries in a motor vehicle collision on the Edens Expressway near the Wilson Avenue exit.


L.S. v. General Motors Corp. – Confidential settlement in an auto defect case to the surviving adult children of a woman who died in a rollover collision. Claimed auto defects were in the door mounted seat belt system, and the automatic door locking system of the Pontiac Grand Am.

J.T. v. Seat Belt Manufacturer – Confidential settlement in an auto defect case on behalf of young man who was paralyzed when his seat belt inertially unlatched during a collision and he was ejected from his seat.

E.M. v. Confidential Auto Manufacturer – Confidential settlement in an auto defect case on behalf of a young woman who was paralyzed when she was ejected from a vehicle when the door latch and lock system failed and the door opened during the crash.

Y.I., A.A. & M.F. v. The Mark Travel Corp. d/b/a Funjet Vacations- Confidential settlement for mom and her two children who suffered serious personal injuries when the driver taking them from their hotel in Negril, Jamaica to the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica crossed the center line and struck a lumber truck. The driver was killed. Mom, 34, suffered numerous internal and orthopaedic injuries necessitating abdominal surgery in Jamaica, and orthopaedic procedures at University of Chicago Hospital on her knee, hip and shoulder. Her daughter, 15, suffered fractures to her right arm requiring multiple surgeries. Her son, 4, suffered a permanent brachial plexus injury. Plaintiffs had purchased an all-inclusive vacation package from Funjet that included transportation to and from the airport in Jamaica. Plaintiffs alleged that the driver was Funjet’s apparent agent.