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What causes semi-truck tire blowouts?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

There are many things that can go wrong with a semi truck. Causes of accidents can include driver error, poor engine maintenance, improper loading, and others. Surprisingly, a leading cause of truck accidents is the rubber that meets the road. Blown tires create a significant risk to both the driver and other motorists.

Understanding the causes of blowouts

There are times when the road conditions make it dangerous to drive a large rig. Potholes and other road debris can wreak havoc on truck tires, leaving them more likely to blow out. Often, truck drivers can do little to prevent a blowout, since they may not realize how bad the conditions are until they drive on a rough road.

Drivers may also experience a blowout because of a maintenance issue with tires. Semis are hard on tires, both because of the amount of wear and the heavy loads they carry; it is essential for truckers and trucking companies to pay special attention to tire maintenance.

Can A Tire Blowout on a Semi-Truck Be Prevented?

The tires on a truck and trailer are essential to ensuring that the rig and its cargo arrive safely at the next destination. Drivers and trucking companies can prevent a blowout by double-checking maintenance steps, such as:

  • Proper inflation
  • Suitable cargo load
  • Tire quality

When drivers and trucking companies take the time needed to maintain tires properly, they can prevent blowouts and potential accidents. When tire maintenance is ignored, it can put motorists’ lives at risk.