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2 ways to prevent medication errors

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Medical Malpractice, Nursing Negligence |

You, like many patients in the Chicago area, trust doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals to keep you healthy. When you have ailments or medical conditions that require treatment, prescription meds are one of many medical treatment options that can help you recover and maintain your standard of living. Many people use prescription meds to treat their ailments and for pain relief. 

As much as you trust these professionals, one thing you might not realize is they make mistakes, and they may not inform you of those mistakes until it is too late. If you do not want to end up dealing with the consequences of medication errors, take the following pointers under advisement: 

Communicate with your health care providers 

Mistakes and medical complications are common when there are issues with communication. Talk to your doctors, nurses and pharmacists about your current and past medications. Be sure to include any store-bought and over-the-counter supplements and drugs you are taking. Do not assume your doctor and physician are going to prescribe and distribute the right medication. Make them accountable by asking them to review drug names, interactions and possible adverse reactions from health conditions and allergies. 

Make your concerns known 

You should always speak up and tell your doctor, pharmacist and other health care workers who are involved in the medication delivery process about your questions and concerns. If you feel uneasy about taking certain prescriptions and medications, tell them. If you have had questionable symptoms/side effects or issues with certain medications in the past, let them know. 

Medication errors happen all too often. The very professionals you trust with your life are human and encounter issues that interfere with their ability to provide you with the impeccable quality and standard of care you deserve. You know your situation better than anyone. If you do not take measures to ensure that your health remains uncompromised by someone else’s negligence, you risk your life. There is nothing wrong with trusting these professionals if you take measures to prevent them from making errors that cause you to pay the ultimate price.