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Top 5 construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Injuries |

As a construction worker, you take pride in your job and accomplishments. Working in construction is not easy, but it is commendable and fulfilling. Unfortunately, the construction industry is highly dangerous. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there were 1,034 construction fatalities in 2016.

You face unique hazards as a construction employee. Here are some of the most common accidents that lead to injuries and deaths at construction sites. 

1. Falling from heights

You often work at high levels to do your job. It is normal for you to climb ladders, go on scaffolding or work on a roof. Many workers have fallen from a height like this and suffered severe consequences.

2. Slips and trips

Construction sites are usually busy with a lot of substances and materials in transportation. This often results in a messy environment and uneven surfaces. Tools laying around or oil spills can cause a tragic slip or trip.

3. Getting hit by objects

This hazard is especially common if you are working on a project that has multiple levels and a large crew. Due to someone else’s carelessness, tools or building materials may fall and strike you. These accidents often result in spinal or brain injuries.

4. Explosions and fires

Your construction site may have leaking pipes, flammable chemicals or faulty wiring. These unsafe conditions may lead to fires or explosions.

5. Overexertion

Due to the fact that construction work is hard labor, it may lead to extreme exhaustion. If you work hard for long hours, you may suffer serious health effects. This may lead to heat stroke if you are working in hot conditions. Working too long may also cause repetitive motion or stress injuries.

Construction work is no walk in the park and you know that well. However, it does not mean you should deal with an injury or unsafe condition without your employer taking responsibility. Consider your legal options if you suffer an injury on the job.