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Failure to diagnose leads to lawsuit against hospital, physician

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose, Medical Malpractice |

Many Illinois residents and others around the nation have accidents that require them to go to the emergency room for treatment. Physicians and other medical personnel provide care and perform procedures as necessary, depending on the diagnosis. Patients expect a certain level of care and assume that their condition will improve after receiving treatment. This was not the case for a man in another state. He recently filed a lawsuit against those he holds responsible for the failure to diagnose a condition he had.

The man went to a hospital’s emergency room in July 2014, after having his arm cut by car glass. The complaint states that no X-rays were taken at the time of his visit. The physician who treated the man placed sutures in his arm. However, X-rays done in Aug. 2014 revealed that there were foreign objects in the man’s arm. Surgery was necessary the following month to remove the objects.

In the lawsuit, the man claims that the failure to remove the foreign material caused numbness and increased pain in his wrist. The man considers the physician and the hospital responsible for this failure to correctly diagnose and treat his injury. He contends that they failed to consider that there might be foreign material present or that there might be a fracture. The man has asked for a jury trial and seeks compensatory damages and legal fees.

A physician’s failure to diagnose a condition can have catastrophic results. If someone has been injured or has continued to suffer when medical personnel have not provided proper treatment, he or she may wish to pursue personal injury litigation. An Illinois medical malpractice attorney can help a client pursue compensatory rewards. A successful outcome in a lawsuit can provide compensation for medical expenses, therapy and other monetary damages incurred as a result of the failed diagnosis.

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