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Failure to diagnose cancer may have led to man’s death

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose |

The loss of a loved one in Illinois or elsewhere in the country is a tragedy to the surviving family members. More grief can occur when it is determined that negligence played a part in the death. A woman in another state accuses a doctor and the hospital system with which he is associated with a failure to diagnose her husband correctly, causing his death.

The man had gone to his doctor’s office for a physical exam in Jan. 2014. While there, a test was ordered by his physician. The results of the test were read by the defendant doctor. The lawsuit asserts that the defendant did not identify anything that would warrant additional studies and that he didn’t order further tests.

Additional testing was ordered for the following year in Feb. 2015. At this time, another doctor detected a mass in the man’s lungs. It was found to contain squamous cell carcinoma. Exploratory surgery at a local hospital revealed that the cancer cells were inoperable and could not be removed. The man passed away in June 2015, despite a regimen of radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

The man’s wife maintains that the doctor was negligent in his delay and the failure to diagnose the mass in the first test in 2014. She believes this led to the progression of cancer in her husband’s body for an entire year before it was diagnosed and ultimately caused his death. She is seeking damages for medical, funeral and estate planning expenses.

Families in Illinois that have experienced similar circumstances often turn to an experienced legal team for assistance. Determining if there was a failure to diagnose on the part of a doctor or hospital can be a complicated process. Skilled legal counsel may help family members receive compensation from a lawsuit that could help them deal with the costs associated with the loss of their loved one.

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