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Delivery mistakes may warrant legal action in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Birth Injuries |

Many Illinois parents-to-be anticipate the arrivals of their little ones with great excitement. Though some apprehension is normal, most deliveries go smoothly for many parents. However, there is a chance that delivery mistakes could be made, and parents could find themselves facing uncertainty as their infants suffer serious or even fatal injuries as a result.

One couple in another state faced such turmoil during the birth of their twins. After the mother’s water had broken, she was admitted to the hospital to deliver the babies. Staff confirmed that both babies had heartbeats and were moving. Later, however, it apparently became more difficult to hear the heartbeats. Rather than immediately go into an emergency C-section, the delivery procedure was not performed for another three hours.

The complications resulted in only one child surviving the delivery. The couple’s infant daughter died due to oxygen deprivation. They believe that the staff were negligent in their actions when it came to monitoring heartbeats and ordering necessary procedures. It was also reported that an investigation revealed that violations had occurred relating to the incident. The parents are now pursuing a wrongful death suit against the hospital. 

Cases of delivery mistakes can be harrowing as newborns barely get a chance at life before suffering. If Illinois residents have been the victims of negligence or other medical errors that resulted in the serious injury or death of an infant, they may wish to find out more about their legal options. Consulting with experienced attorneys could allow interested individuals to better understand the possible avenues for addressing their concerns.

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