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Negligent surgeon, medical mistakes could harm Illinois patients

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Surgical Errors |

Filing a medical malpractice claim may be a wise step for individuals who have been negatively affected by the mistakes of medical professionals. If a negligent surgeon causes serious or permanent damage to a patient, the effects of those mistakes could cause substantial hardships. Illinois residents may be interested in such a case that recently reached a ruling in another state.

Reports indicated that in 2013 a woman had delivered her first child, and a week after the birth, she returned to the hospital due to bleeding. The report also stated that the doctor apparently did not take the necessary steps to utilize treatment methods that would prove effective for the 24-year-old without her having to undergo a hysterectomy. The doctor’s attempts were described as “haphazard” and “unlikely to be successful.”

The surgeon proceeded with performing the hysterectomy, which resulted in the woman’s loss of fertility and jump-starting menopause. The judge in the case ruled that the doctor’s actions indicated a failure to comply with the applicable standards of care and showed a reckless disregard for the patient. As a result, the woman was awarded over $670,000 in compensation.

The woman involved in this case lost a considerable deal due to the negligent surgeon. She is now unable to have more biological children and will likely feel other related effects for the rest of her life. If Illinois residents have suffered in similar manners due to oversights made by medical professionals, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own in order to seek compensation and justice.

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