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Illinois parents may worry about birth injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2016 | Birth Injuries |

Having a baby is often a joyous occasion for a family. However, that occasion could take a devastating turn if the child suffers birth injuries. If the parents of the child believe that negligence on the part of the doctor or other hospital staff led to these injuries, they may wish to consider filing a legal claim.

Illinois residents may be interested in a case from another state that recently reached a ruling. Reports stated that the case involved the injuries of a child who suffered permanent nerve damage at the time of her birth. Details were not provided regarding how the injuries occurred, but it was noted that the child only has limited use of one of her arms. The child who was the subject of the case is now 7 years old.

The family filed a lawsuit against the obstetrics practice and a nurse midwife in 2011. A verdict was recently reach, and the family was awarded $4.2 million. Legal representation for the family stated that the outcome was a great result for the young girl.

As this case shows, birth injuries can be severe and could permanently affect a child and his or her family. If Illinois parents have had a child suffer such injuries during delivery, they may wish to determine whether pursuing legal action could be right for them. Medical malpractice claims could help interested individuals seek compensation for resulting damages. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help those individuals assess their cases and find out more information on their options. 

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