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A negligent surgeon can significantly damage Illinois patients

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Surgical Errors |

Medical procedures can make many Illinois residents apprehensive. This feeling is understandable as one mistake from a negligent surgeon could lead to considerable injuries to a patient. If an individual is harmed in such a manner, there may be cause for a medical malpractice claim to be filed.

One man in another state recently filed such a claim after suffering greatly due to a medical error. Reports stated that the man had his right knee replaced, and two months later, he suffered an injury which needed medical attention. It was discovered that he had a fracture above the knee, and in order to fix it, the surgeon was utilizing a nail and screw. However, when drilling, the surgeon missed the target area with the screw, which thinned part of the man’s bone.

Approximately two weeks after the procedure, the man’s femur broke. He was rushed to an emergency room after having been unable to call for help for an hour. He was transferred to a different facility in order to have emergency surgery. The doctor attending to this injury noted the previous surgeon’s mistakes, which were in the area of the new fracture. As a result of the negative outcomes stemming from the mistake, the man filed a medical malpractice claim against his first surgeon and his medical facility for negligence.

As this case demonstrates, mistakes from a negligent surgeon could cause patients to suffer and need additional medical treatment. These results could cause much pain and lead to further financial difficulties relating to medical bills and other expenses. If Illinois residents believe that they have experienced injuries or other negative effects due to such errors, they may wish to consider filing medical malpractice claims of their own.

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