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Family makes accusations of hospital negligence in lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Hospital Negligence |

Most Illinois families expect the medical staff attending to their loved ones to be thorough and accurate in the diagnoses and treatment of them. When a serious mistake is made at any point during the process, a family can lose one of its members. A lawsuit alleging hospital negligence often follow such an unexpected and potentially preventable death. 

One out-of-state family recently filed a lawsuit in the aftermath of the untimely demise of one of its members on Feb. 18. The 44-year-old man first went to the emergency room of a hospital in his area on Feb. 11. It was discovered that he had two extruding discs in his spine. That and other complications led to an emergency surgery.

It is alleged that a compression device was used on his legs to relieve possible blood clots. However, no diagnosis of the blood clots was ever made. Approximately seven days since he first went to the hospital, he died of blood clots in his lungs (bilateral pulmonary embolism). The family alleges that medical staff at the University of Vermont Medical Center failed to meet the accepted standards of care, which led to the death of the victim.

Research indicates that the majority of medical malpractice claims filed around the country — including many here in Illinois — are settled before they reach the trial stage. Even though settlements happen often, hospitals, doctors and insurers often make offers that are significantly less than a family may be entitled to if a lawsuit is filed litigated to conclusion. Therefore, when hospital negligence is suspected in the death of a loved one, it would be beneficial to contact an attorney to have a full understanding of a family’s rights under the law.

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