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Mother says nursing negligence caused daughter’s brain damage

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Nursing Negligence |

Most Illinois parents look forward to the opportunity to watch their children grow into the adults they were destined to become. For some families that is not possible  due doctor or nursing negligence that leaves their child with a permanent disability that essentially takes away the future the child would have had otherwise. In some cases, the child will require care as long as he or she lives.

A mother living on the West Coast found herself in this position after her daughter was born five weeks premature. While the baby was in the Intensive Care Unit for newborns, the nursing staff make a mistake that caused the child permanent brain damage. The mother filed a lawsuit, seeking restitution for her daughter’s injuries.

Documents indicate that the California mother went into the ICU to feed her baby. She found a pool of liquid on the floor and noted that her daughter’s diaper was well past full. In addition, the baby had gone pale and appeared listless.

It turns out that the nurses tending to her daughter failed to properly calibrate the baby’s feeding tube. Therefore, the newborn was receiving continuous glucose, which resulted in an electrolyte imbalance. The child suffered brain damage and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Even at 3 years old, she continues to have difficulty learning basic skills such as walking and talking. Illinois readers might be happy to know that a settlement was reached whereby the mother will be given $20 million to cover the lifetime care her daughter will need. The mother also hopes her case will prompt changes in hospital procedures that will avoid this type of nursing negligence in the future. 

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