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Hospital errors are notoriously under reported

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Hospital Negligence |

Just like everyone else in the country, Illinois residents expect to leave the hospital with a correct diagnosis and course of treatment. They also expect the staff — from doctors to orderlies — to be professional and capable. Statistics show that when hospital errors occur, they are notoriously under reported despite these nearly universal expectations.

In fact, only approximately 2.9 percent of all errors result in medical malpractice claims. Of those claims that are filed, too few receive the restitution they deserve. When a claim is filed, victims and/or families are looking for an explanation, accountability of the medical personnel involved or compensation. They might also be looking to prevent another patient and/or family from the same experience. 

Medical malpractice claims can be complex and paper intensive. They can be costly and time-consuming, which could be a large contributor to the fact that so few claims are actually filed. Since it can be a challenge to pinpoint who actually made the mistake, several people and entities are often included in these lawsuits. In some cases, it can take significant time to figure out which parties were responsible and what each one’s percentage of liability will be.

When hospital errors occur to Illinois residents, they should not be dissuaded by the fact that a medical malpractice claim might not be a simple undertaking. A seriously injured individual or the family of a patient who died while under the care of medical personnel retains the right to pursue all legal remedies available. Time is often of the essence, so the sooner any suspicions are investigated and addressed, the better off the injured party and/or family members will be.

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