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Surgical mistakes are a risk during organ transplants

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2015 | Surgical Errors |

Illinois readers may not be aware that the first organ transplant in the United States took place in 1954. Since that time, medical advancements have been made in this medical specialty, and now numerous organs can be transplanted. Thousands of lives are saved each year despite the risks involved in these complex surgical procedures. However, surgical mistakes can put the lives of patients needing new organs in jeopardy.

Every surgical procedure comes with risks, but the health of transplant patients is already compromised, which makes the surgeries even riskier. Outside of the usual negligence that can occur when a surgeon or a member of the surgical team makes a mistake, a patient receiving a new organ can develop respiratory failure, brain damage or an infection. In some cases, the patient dies.

If you suffered serious injury — or lost a loved one — during or after a transplant, it  may be beneficial for you to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney. An investigation will be done in order to determine whether medical malpractice was committed. If so, a lawsuit can be filed in an Illinois court, seeking a monetary judgment against the party or parties believed to be responsible.

After finally receiving the news that a new organ is available, you and your loved ones most likely put a great deal of faith in the surgical team tasked with performing the transplant. Surgical mistakes can rip away the hopes and dreams of being given a new lease on life. Those responsible could be found responsible to you and your family for any harm caused. Furthermore, it may keep those same parties from making the same mistake in another procedure.