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Man sues for hospital negligence in death of wife

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

A man in another state has sued a hospital for the wrongful death of his wife in 2013. Illinois residents may be interested in the details surrounding this case of hospital negligence.  The 72-year-old man is seeking a jury trial.

The monetary damages that the man is seeking are unspecified. The complaint was filed June 25, 2015. It asserts that Jefferson Hospital and Allegheny Health Network were negligent and caused the wrongful death of his wife. The hospital and its staff are accused of not properly caring for wounds that should have been avoided.

When the woman was admitted to the hospital on June 30, 2013, she was suffering from back and neck pain. She had also lost some of the feeling in the lower extremities of her body. The loss of feeling worsened over the few days following her admission to the hospital.

After undergoing surgery on July 2, 2013, it is claimed that she was left in the bed or sitting upright, which is said to have created pressure ulcers that became deep tissue injuries. It is also alleged that these injuries were not properly cared for, playing a major role in her deteriorating health. The 71-year-old woman was then transferred to another medical facility for a few days and then was transferred to another hospital. She died a week later.

Illinois patients who feel that they have been a victim of hospital negligence may elect to pursue a claim for damages to help pay for the extra costs of medical care created by any errors. The families of patients who die have the right to make a claim of wrongful death for any medical malpractice alleged. An attorney experienced in handling these types of lawsuits can help in assessing the viability of a legal claim and in  providing ongoing representation in pursuing a monetary judgment for an  financial losses sustained.

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