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Nursing negligence investigation launched after patient death

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2015 | Nursing Negligence |

Nursing neglect is becoming more problematic throughout the country. Illinois residents may be interested in a nursing negligence case that occurred in a nearby state. Reports indicate that a patient died just days after he was taken to a hospital, which was apparently too late.

While a patient was a resident at a nursing home, he developed a high fever and had trouble breathing. Instead of getting immediate medical attention or at least informing his doctor, nurses applied a cold compress to his head and gave him Tylenol. The following day, his fever was even worse, as was his breathing. He was transported to the hospital where it was determined that he had pneumonia and was dehydrated.

It was also determined that his skin was in poor condition with a number of open sores. Days after going to the hospital, the patient died. An investigation was launched, and it was revealed that the nursing staff never informed the patient’s doctor of his condition, even after it was decided that he needed hospitalization. This is not the first time the nursing home conglomerate has been cited, and, since 2011, the group has been accused of neglect, financial exploitation and abuse.

It is reasonable for families to expect situations like this to never happen. Unfortunately, lack of staff and poor training often results in nursing negligence and, ultimately, the deaths of patients. Families that are affected by these types of tragedies have the right to file claims against the facilities that were treating the patients. They may recover damages based upon satisfactory evidence presented to Illinois civil courts.

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