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Family files claim against nursing home for nursing negligence

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Nursing Negligence |

A nursing home has been accused of providing substandard care to a former female patient. Illinois readers may be interested in learning about how nursing negligence at the facility in another jurisdiction is said to have led to the woman’s death. The deceased victim’s surviving family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Back in 2012, the woman was admitted to the nursing home for physical and occupational therapy. She suffered from chronic kidney and liver disease. While she was staying at the home, she apparently experienced hallucinations and confusion. In addition, she is said to have become dehydrated on a constant basis and was agitated. According to the lawsuit, the woman’s initial goal of rehabilitation turned into a case of ongoing distress.

The woman was hospitalized due to dehydration just a week after being in the nursing home. After arriving back at the nursing home, she passed away about a week and a half later. While the case is proceeding, the nursing home remains in operation. The amount of compensation the family is seeking was not disclosed.

Nursing negligence can lead to serious conditions and even death, as appears to have been the case here. When patients die due to a  failure to observe appropriate standards of care, legal options exist to address the financial damages that inevitably accrue. An Illinois family who experience the tragic and untimely death of  a loved one may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim against the facility where the patient was treated. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help assess the viability or proceeding to court and provide support in pursuing claims to seek full accountability from all parties deemed negligent.

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