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Medical facility sued for hospital negligence in amputation case

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

Hospital mistakes often result in serious injuries for patients. Sometimes, the injuries are so severe that Illinois patients suffer from life-altering consequences and lose out on what they once enjoyed. In one such case, a woman filed a suit against a medical facility claiming hospital negligence.

The woman went into an emergency room for pelvic pain on multiple occasions. On the last of those occasions, she was admitted after she was discovered to be incoherent and cold while she was on a stretcher. During her stay, it was revealed that she had a condition called sepsis, and multiple organs were failing as a result. According to the lawsuit, her infection was caused by degrading uterine tissue.

The woman eventually overcame her conditions, but unfortunately, she had experienced a decreased amount of blood flow, which caused gangrene. Due to gangrene, she was forced to have both of her arms and legs removed. She claims that medical staff did not properly address her condition, and she is requesting an undisclosed amount in compensation.

Losing a leg or any other body part is devastating for victims, and understandably so. This is especially true when it is preventable had medical staff taken appropriate actions within a reasonable time frame. If this woman is able to present evidence to the court that the doctor or hospital staff was negligent, then she may recoup the damages she is seeking for hospital negligence. The process can seem overwhelming for most individuals, and an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Illinois can advise patients and answer any questions they have.

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