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Deceased woman’s family files suit for hospital negligence

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

Regrettably, negligence of medical professionals causes many patient deaths in hospitals. Illinois blog readers may be interested in learning about the family of a woman who sued claiming hospital negligence. She died from a heart attack after an alleged delay in timely treatment.

The lawsuit was filed in the recent months by multiple family members against the physician and the hospital. Back in 2012, the woman visited the emergency department due to chest pains and breathing difficulties. An EKG was performed, and it revealed that the woman suffered from a heart attack. In spite of that, she was not put in a hospital room or monitored with heart equipment. She was instructed to go back to the waiting area instead.

In addition, the attending doctor did not contact a cardiologist or perform an exam on the woman. Eventually, the woman succumbed to her condition while waiting. According to the lawsuit, the woman was inadequately cared for and was not given the correct medications. The family members are seeking financial relief for income loss and funeral expenses. They are also seeking reimbursement for other monetary damages, including mental distress.

Unfortunately, hospital negligence is sometimes the cause of similar tragedies. In this particular incident, the woman’s chances of survival likely could have increased if medical staff followed proper protocol and acted in a timely manner. Families who suffer loss due to negligence have the right to file medical malpractice suits against the attending doctor and/or hospital where the patient was being treated. An experienced personal injury attorney in Illinois can help assess the underlying circumstances and offer advice and support concerning the proper course of action.

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