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Hospital negligence suit results in settlement in Ebola case

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

Ebola has apparently become a nationwide concern, as multiple people have died. Illinois residents who have been following news on Ebola may be interested in reading about a case in which a man who was infected with Ebola died. A hospital that was treating the man was accused of hospital negligence, and a medical malpractice suit was filed.

According to reports, the man visited the ER after having certain symptoms, and even though he informed a nurse that he had traveled to another area, he was discharged with antibiotics. After two days, he visited the hospital again, and this time, with worse symptoms. The hospital then discovered that the man had Ebola, but he eventually died and had also infected two nurses. A family member of the man believes that his death may have been caused by racism.

Initially, the hospital stated that it was never informed that the man was recently in West Africa, but then later, the story changed. A settlement was reached in this case for an undisclosed amount. In return, the family agreed to withdraw the medical malpractice claim that was filed against the facility. In addition, a foundation was created in the deceased man’s name.

Hospital negligence can cause many injuries and death. In this case, it’s possible that the man could have been saved if doctors would have noticed that he displayed symptoms of Ebola. Family members who have lost someone due to negligence at a hospital may wish to pursue legal action by filing medical malpractice suits against the facility where the patient was treated. Utilizing the appropriate legal remedies could result in compensation being awarded by an Illinois civil courtroom.

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