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Nursing home sued for nursing negligence

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2014 | Nursing Negligence |

Genesis Healthcare and other subsidiaries have been faced with a lawsuit. Residents in Illinois who have family members in nursing homes may be interested to learn about a lawsuit that was filed in another state. A woman filed a lawsuit after her family member’s death, and she claims that it was a result of nursing negligence.  

The patient was in the nursing home last year for just a few weeks prior to his death. He had suffered multiple injuries such as an infection and septic shock during his stay. It is not known how the patient developed an infection. The woman claims that she was promised that her family member would be taken care of, but due to low staffing and a limited budget, that apparently did not happen.  

According to the lawsuit, the defendants committed nursing home violations and corporate negligence. The lawsuit also accuses the defendants of malice and reckless disregard for safety. The woman is requesting a judgment for an unspecified amount in damages and court costs. No other information about this lawsuit has been reported.

Many patient injuries in Illinois nursing homes are due to nursing negligence. When proper standards of care are not followed through, serious injuries and death could result. In this case, the man may still be alive if there had been an increased number of staff members and if preventable safety measures had been taken. If evidence substantiates the woman’s claims, this could give the family a sense of justice while allowing them to receive financial compensation in an amount deemed appropriate.

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