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Wife files hospital negligence claim re husband’s brain injury

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

A hospital is involved in a legal entanglement with a former patient’s wife. The husband died while in the hospital’s care, and his surviving wife filed a lawsuit claiming hospital negligence. Illinois residents in similar circumstances may have the right to pursue legal action against any parties deemed negligent.

Reports indicate that the man was being treated at a hospital on March of last year. The day before, he underwent surgery and was placed on a ventilator in ICU to assist him with breathing.  Reportedly, the man was off the ventilator for an extensive time frame, but the staff allegedly failed to notice it. Tragically, the man suffered from brain injury and died five months later.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants did not realize that the man was not on the ventilator. In addition, they allegedly did not take timely action which resulted in severe hypoxic brain injury. The wife is seeking in excess of $25,000, claiming funeral and burial expenses. The defendants include Catholic Health Partners and Hospitalists of St. Rita’s.

Some patient deaths that occur are the direct result of hospital negligence. With regard to this case, the man may have survived if medical staff was more efficient in monitoring the patient and acting in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the staff members allegedly failed to do so, and the result was a man losing his life. Surviving Illinois families who lost loved ones due to medical negligence may wish to initiate legal claims against the medical staff and/or the facility deemed responsible. Successfully litigated claims may result in a monetary judgment for quantifiable financial losses.












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