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Melissa Rivers may sue for alleged surgical errors

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2014 | Surgical Errors |

Well-known comedian, Joan Rivers, went into cardiac arrest while undergoing surgery at an outpatient clinic. Many Illinois fans have learned that Rivers recently passed away after being pulled off of life support. Now, her daughter may be filing a medical malpractice suit due to alleged surgical errors.

Joan Rivers was taken to the hospital after she stopped breathing during the procedure. While it is unknown how long River’s brain went without oxygen, she was placed in a medically induced coma. It is not clear what medication was administered to Rivers, and there have been suggestions as to the possibility of a sedative being too strong for her. Indeed, the use of any anesthesia could be fatal if improperly administered or if the patient is not constantly supervised.

An autopsy was conducted, and the results came back as inconclusive. There remains a need for more tests to determine the exact cause of death. Understandably, Melissa Rivers is seeking answers as to how her mother died. Furthermore, Joan Rivers was reportedly in good health before the procedure, in spite of her age.

Unfortunately, surgical errors can lead to negative outcomes. Joan River’s daughter and grandson are undoubtedly struggling to cope with their sudden loss. If River’s daughter decides to proceed with a medical malpractice suit, she may be awarded damages if evidence demonstrates the clinic was negligent in a way that resulted in the death that followed. Illinois residents may also have rights to initiate legal claims if a loved one has fallen victim to medical negligence.

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