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Hospital negligence could lead to serious injury in Illinois

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

Many Illinois residents know that negligence can lead to serious repercussions no matter what area the neglect occurred in. Hospital negligence is an especially unfortunate situation as many individuals put their trust in medical professionals in order to care for their health. If a hospital neglects the care of a patient, the patient could become more ill or suffer a serious injury. Should a party believe that such negligence played a role in a negative outcome, he or she may wish to consider legal action.

A woman in another state is currently seeking a case against a hospital as she believes negligence lead to her mother suffering an injury. It was reported that the mother was in the hospital to be treated for serious illness when she suffered the additional injury. The woman’s mother apparently fell while she was at the hospital and suffered a fracture in her back.

The woman believes that the hospital’s negligence led to the accident taking place. She claims that the hospital should have ensured that her mother’s area was free of hazards that could result in a fall as well as ensuring that she had proper supervision. Because the woman has power of attorney over her mother’s affairs, she is filing the lawsuit on her mother’s behalf.

Situations such as this where hospital negligence is believed to have led to a serious injury can be difficult to come to terms with. Families want to believe that their loved ones are receiving the best care possible, and when an additional illness or injury occurs, the situation can be quite unsettling. As a result, Illinois residents who believe that they or someone they know may have been the victim of such neglect may want to find out their options for seeking compensation.

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