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Man claims medical team missed diagnosing fractures

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Failure To Diagnose |

A case has recently arisen in another state in which a man has accused a medical team of negligently failing to detect foot fractures.

The man, a Texan, claims that the medical team provided him with care in relation to a foot injury. According to him, the team failed to diagnose foot fractures he had despite having taken X-rays of his foot. He alleges that this diagnosis error resulted in him working full-duty with untreated fractures for a time.

By the time the man’s foot fractures were ultimately discovered, he had suffered permanent injury and the nature of his injury was such that it eventually caused him to lose his job, the man says.

A hospital, two doctors and an imaging group are being sued by the man in relation to these allegations.

The amount of harm bone fractures can cause can increase quite a bit when fractures aren’t promptly diagnosed. Such an expansion of harm can greatly increase a person’s care needs and can increase the likelihood that their injury will have impacts on their career.

Thus, failure by medical professionals to promptly detect fractures can have significant financial consequences for a person. Individuals from here in Illinois who have been the victim of a missed fracture diagnosis due to medical professionals not following the applicable standard of care may have legal options available to pursue compensation to help them deal with such consequences. Medical malpractice attorneys can conduct investigations into whether there were any standard of care violations in relation to a given missed diagnosis.

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