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Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury in Illinois Hospital

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Birth Injuries |

The birth of a child is a typically a joyous event that forever changes the landscape of the lives in which the child touches. Unfortunately, not every birth in Illinois is routine and free of complications. For some new parents, the joy of new life is marred by complications and heartache due to cerebral palsy birth injuries.

Whether complications are expected due to medical history or occur because of an unfortunate event that arose from birth-specific circumstances, no parent wants to face the possibility of their child suffering from a potentially lifelong injury. In situations where complications are unexpected, parents often want to understand where things went wrong. Claiming medical negligence is a serious decision and one that recent claimants in Cook County felt necessary to make.

According to the allegations, the cerebral palsy lawsuit was made because the affected newborn suffered severe injuries due to the inability or negligence of the defendants. The plaintiff alleges that the defendants failed to act accordingly when the infant in question showed signs of distress during labor. The plaintiff also alleged that the defendants did not properly educate the mother in regard to specific factors about the delivery of the infant, such as the risks associated with prolonged labor and oxygen deprivation.

More claims were made in the cerebral palsy suit that allows for further allegations against the defendants. Those additional claims supposedly list professional negligence, which includes the use of inexperienced personnel. The case also states in the cerebral palsy suit that there was pain and suffering of the child during labor and will be pain and suffering in the future. In the end, the birth of this child was a traumatic and sad event for the plaintiff in the case. Residents of Illinois who have had a similar experience may wish to consider their options regarding filing a claim against the responsible party.

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