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Birth injury case settled

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2013 | Birth Injuries |

Every year, many children are born at Illinois hospitals. It is very important for hospitals to act in a proper manner when providing care in relation to the birth of a child.

When a hospital commits negligence while providing care in relation to the delivery of a child, it can result in the child suffering birth injuries. Such injuries can lead to a child requiring significant amounts of care (such as skilled nursing care). Such care can have very high costs.

Recently, a settlement was reached in a birth injury case from another state.

The case involved a hospital in California and a girl who was born there a couple of years ago.

The girl’s parents claimed that, during the girl’s delivery, circumstances arose that made it so a cesarean section should have been performed. According to the girl’s parents, despite this, this procedure was not performed. The girl’s mother says that she had signed a consent form for a cesarean section and, thus, that consent was not an impediment to such a procedure being performed.

The girl’s parents alleged that the hospital was negligent in not performing a cesarean section during the girl’s delivery and that the girl suffered birth injuries as a result of this negligence. The girl was hospitalized for the first month of her life and will require lifetime round-the-clock nursing care.

A lawsuit was brought against the hospital by the girl’s parents in regards to the alleged delivery-related negligence. This lawsuit was recently settled. Under the terms of the settlement, the hospital will make a monetary payment to the girl and her parents.

As can be seen in this case, birth injury cases sometimes end in a settlement. Settlement negotiations in birth injury cases can be very complicated and can touch on a wide variety of issues. If a person is in settlement negotiations in relation to a birth injury claim, having a medical malpractice attorney on one’s side can be important. A medical malpractice attorney can be a strong advocate for a person’s interests in such negotiations.

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